Dissertations & Theses (ETD)

More than 2,136 dissertations and theses are available as ETD's.  If the one you want is not listed, please Request a Scan.

Did you know?

The NJIT Graduate Studies Office has guidelines prepared about your thesis and dissertation process and the proper formatting of your document.

Please visit their Thesis and Dissertations page to download templates, forms and other documents that will aid you with the writing and submission of your thesis or dissertation.

Did you know NJIT dissertations & theses are available at Proquest's UMI?

Ph.D. dissertations written by NJIT students are available in PDF files from Proquest's UMI Dissertation Publishing.

Proquest: Dissertations & Theses @ NJIT
Enables individual universities to access the citations and abstracts of all their student's dissertations, as well as the full text in PDF format (when available). PDF files are available for download for dissertations written from 1997 onwards.

Because NJIT does not require masters students to submit their manuscripts for copyright, masters theses are not available from Proquest.

To use:

  1. Connect to the database.
  2. Do a KEYWORD, AUTHOR, or ADVISOR search.
  3. Pick the PDF icon for the dissertation you want to see ...
    [PDF icon from UMI]
  4. Click on the DOWNLOAD button ...
    [download button from UMI]
  5. You will be given a URL and PIN # ...
    [PIN from UMI]
  6. Wait 5 minutes for UMI to prepare the PDF for downloading.
  7. Go to the URL and enter the PIN when asked ...
    [PIN from UMI]
  8. Click on the DOWNLOAD icon ...
    [download icon from UMI]
  9. The PIN is good for 72 hours.

This service is only available to the NJIT community. If you are off-campus, you must use VPN or proxy server to authenticate yourself as an NJIT community member.

If you need assistance with getting an NJIT dissertation from Current Research @ NJIT database, please contact a reference librarian.