Computer Use Policy

NJIT students, faculty and staff with NJIT ID cards have priority at all times over guest users. Any library user may be asked to show an NJIT ID.

  • Students needing computers for course related research have priority at all times. During busy periods anyone using a computer for chats, e-mail, or recreational surfing of the web may be asked to relinquish it.
  • NJIT students, faculty, and staff must log into their AFS or Academic accounts on the PC's that require it. Those users with password or account problems should be directed to the Computer Help Desk.
  • Library staff and student workers may use the NJIT temporary accounts generated daily by Academic Computing to log an outside user who seeks to do research onto a workstation. The outside user is not given the account information; the staff or student worker logs the PC on without revealing the account information. The outside user must present an ID so that (1) the person can be verified as not being an NJIT person and (2) a record of the day, time, account used, and user's name and address can kept by the library for reporting to Academic Computing. The library will not give NJIT students, faculty, and staff access to these temporary accounts. NJIT users with password problems must report to Academic Computing for resolution.
  • PC 47 is reserved for student workers who monitor the Information Commons. A sign should be posted on the PC reading:
    This PC is reserved for library staff and student lab assistants. Do not use this PC.
  • There is a 15-minute limit on using computers 53-57 and 63-67. Users must sign in with a student worker at PC 47.
  • Workstations with scanners are for scanning only. No other work may be done at those workstations. A sign should be posted on the lid of the scanner stating:
    The copyright law of the United States (U.S. Code, Title 17) governs the making of photocopies of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.
  • Users may not install software or hardware on any workstation.
  • If you leave a workstation for any reason, you may not automatically reclaim it. You may not hold a workstation by leaving your belongings. The library is not responsible for personal belongings left at a workstation. You may not hold a workstation by locking the workstation. After two minutes absence, library staff and lab assistants may reboot locked and abandoned PC's so that others may use them. When you are finished with a workstation, it must be made available to a student who is waiting. You may not save it for anyone.
  • PC 108 (to the far left of the stand-up curved catalog counter in front of the reference desk) is reserved for librarians to use in demos and training and in assisting users. A librarian, staff member, or student worker may require a user to vacate that PC at a moment's notice. A sign should remain posted on that PC's monitor that says:
    This PC is reserved for the library staff for training and demonstration. You may be asked to leave immediately.

NJIT guidelines for responsible use of computing resources.

  • Each user must be sensitive to the public nature of shared facilities, and therefore should not display or communicate inappropriate images, sounds, or messages which are illegal or obscene or which may reasonably be considered harassing to others.
  • Any user found in violation of these policies will be asked to cease, wil be directed to a copy of this policy, and may be required to show their NJIT ID card. Any user found in subsequent violation will be prohibited from using the InfoCommons until they have met with with the library administration. Multiple-time violators may be barred from the InfoCommons and the library and may be referred to the Dean of Student Services for disciplinary action.

Adopted at the Dec. 14, 2001 Librarians Meeting