Preliminary Finding Aid to the Herman Estrin Papers

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Box Num Format / Type Description
1 Envelope Poems
  Miscellaneous papers Promotional material
2 Scrapbook Labeled "NJEA Award" (1987)
  Scrapbook Labeled "Cullimore Award" (1987)
  Scrapbook 1987-1988
3 Folders ( Section A - H )
  Magazine Vocational Guidance ( Quarterly Vol.7 # 4)
  MISCELLANOEUS Letters, Newspaper Articles, Questionnaire, Unopened Letter, Book Reviews, Commencement Exercise
  BOOKS Beneath the Sea
  ( Not Written by Estrin ) Energy from the Sun
    All about engineers
    Where's Dad?
    Hey! The T.V. Plays!
    So You Want to be a Surveyor?
    Trees : From the Forest to you
    Shaping the World : The work of the Civil Engineer
    Why big fish eat small fish?
    What was the Morris Canal?
    Here comes the Band
    All about mosquitoes
    The engineering tree
    Can a girl become an architect?
    What is Civil Engineering?
    All about the moon
    Why do we wear glasses?
    How to play better team basketball
  FOLDER Articles on technical writing, Newspaper Articles, Memos, Letters, Magazine, Photographs
5 FOLDER 1957 Drew Award
  SCRAP BOOK Juvenile Delinquency ( Columbia Uni.)
  NCE NOTEBOOK ( Publications 1950's)
  BOOK Air Conditioning Heating & Ventilating
  ARTICLES 1962-1963
  NCE 1948-1950
  NOTEBOOK 1960's - 1970's
6 NOTEBOOK National Utility Contractors Association Conference
  NOTE 1979 Annual New Jersey Authors Luncheon Sponsored by NJIT with each page a written tribute
  SCRAPBOOK ( 1992 ) Photographs
    Letters to Friends
    GSA announcements
  SCRAPBOOK ( 1986 ) Certificates
7 POLITICS Articles
  Magazine Science & Children ( May 1976 ) Vol.:13 , Nov. 8
  CERTIFICATES For Outstanding Support & Services to Upward bound Program
  ARTICLES Engineering Students write books for Children
  Scrapbook References to Myths
    Names, Words, Expressions
  HANDBOOK For Chemical Engg. For Reporting Information - by Dr. H. A. Estrin
  BOOK Changing Words in a Changing World ( Arizona State University )
  REPRINT SERIES Language & Logistics
  BOOK American Place Names - by George R. Stewert
  ARTICLES Name of the Game
  BOOK Preparing for your Interview - by Diane Berk
  Magazine IEEE Transactions on Professional Telecommunication ( June 1978 Vol. PC-21 Nov.2)
  FOLDER American Place Names
8 OLD BOOKS Discovering American Dialects - Roger W. Shuy
    Golden Boy as Anthony Cool - Herberty Kohl
    The Adventure of Language - Michael Girsdansky
    Word Origins & their Romantic Stories - Wilfred Funk
    The Language and thought of the Child - Jean Piaget
    Dictionary of Linguistics - Mario Pei & Frank Gaynor
    A Glossary of Grammar Linguistics - Andrew MacLeish
    Linguistics : The Study Language - Charles C. Fries
    Word Play - What Happens when people talk - Peter Farb
    Dialects of American English - Raven I. McDavid ( 2 copies )
    Our Own Words - Mary Helen Dohan
    The Story of Language - Mario Pei ( 3 Copies )
    Reading on Semantics - Norman C. Stageberg
    The American English - H. L. Mencken
    A Pelican Original Linguistics - David Crystal
    The Labyrinth of Language - Max Black
    English for a new Generation - Hans P. Guth
    The Play of Languages - Leonard F. Dean
    An Auto-Instructional Text in Correct Writing - Butler Hickman Overby
    Black English - J. L. Dillard
    The Use & Misuse of Language - S. I. Hayakawa
    Word Origins - Cecil Hunt
    Soulonice - by Eldridge
    A word in your ear - by Ivor Brown
    Words on words - by W. Bruce
    I give you my words - Ivory brown
    Language for everybody - by Mario Pei
    Linguistics and your language - by Robert Hall
    The Miracle for language - by Chertron
    Language of Composition - by Robert Morsberger
9 CERTIFICATES Doctor of Education ( Columbia University)
    The New Jersey Association of Teachers of English
  HONORS Strathmore's WHO's WHO Awards
  ARTICLE French Government to Recognize Estrin
  CERTIFICATES For the First place, Special Interest - Magazines in the Contest Sponsored by Society for Collegiate Journalists
    Marquis WHO's WHO Inc. - 1986/87 & 1982/83
    The Alumni Association of NJIT : for Outstanding Support & Leadership
10 STUDY MATERIAL The Style & Techniques of Effective Communication
  SEMINAR REPORTS The improvement in Technical / Business Writing - Brower & Associates Inc.
    Effective Writing Workshop - Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
  ARTICLE The Role of a Faculty Advisor of a Freshman Class in an Engg. College
  Magazine Teaching Technical Writing - NJIT Magazine ( Summer 1990)
  BOOK Technical Writer's Guide - by Alma G. Bryant , Jane H. Duke
  ARTICLE NJ Literary History Map
  INVITATION CARDS Award Ceremony of New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame Oct 20,1996
  ARTICLE Personal Growth
    Body Language
    Resume , Interview
11 ESTRIN SCHOLAR AWARD Copy of the letters to the persons who achieved "ESTRIN SCHOLAR" Award
  CLIPPINGS Newspaper review on Estrin Scholar Award
  LETTERS Acknowledgement from Students who got "Estrin Scholar" Award
  LIST OF STUDENTS Estrin Scholars 1993
  CERTIFICATE Estrin Scholars Award ( Blank Copy)
  ESTRIN SCHOLARS 1983 Articles, Clippings, List of Students
  ESTRIN SCHOLARS 1971 Articles, Clippings
  ESTRIN SCHOLARS 1980 Applications Received for Academic Achievement
  INVITATION CARDS 25th Annual Presentation - Estrin Scholar Awards
  ESTRIN SCHOLARS 1986, 1990
  QUESTIONNAIRE Estrin Scholar
12 ARTICLES The Excitement of technical writing - Dr. Herman Estrin
    Authors talk to the teachers of English - Summer 1967 ( Writers Conference )
    Teaching minority students to write effectively - Dr. Estrin
    Highschool-College Articulation - NJ Style Oct '64 - Dr. H. A. Estrin
    Art of teaching Composition - Dr. H. A. Estrin
    College Journalism Adviser
    Freshman English in College and Universities - Dr. Estrin (2/63)
    Grammar and usage in a Composition Communication Course - Dr. H. A. Estrin
    Evaluating English Teaching - Dr. Estrin
    How do you grade a composition
    Motivating minority students to write effectively
    What is Literature means to a Engineering Freshman
  BOOK Encouraging your child to read - by Nancy Larrick
  ZEROX for In-Service Workshops Teaching Composition - A position statement
    A recommended Preparation for Teaching Comprehension - Dr. Estrin
    Motivation in Comprehension Writing - ( Spring '93) - Dr. Estrin
    Teaching Comprehension
    Articles about teaching & writing ( Various Authors)
  BOOK Student Organization Source Book ( 1996-1997 )
  Envelope Articles, Photographs, Clippings, "The Vector" Oct.5 1999
  ALBUM Photographs of Events on Sat., Oct.30 , 1971 ( Dinner party to celebrate 25 years of Student Activities and to
    honor Dr. Estrin first recipient of R.W. VAN HOUTEN AWARD for teaching excellence
  FOLDER Thoughts & Articles collection
14 BOOK IPI Report Writing Syllabus - by Wanda Thilsted
  ARTICLE Publishers keep him busy - Newark News, April 14 1963
  FOLDER Articles & Letters of Drew University
  Miscellaneous Folders Articles, Clippings, Photographs
  BOOK College Composition & Communication , May 1976, Vol. XXVII
  ORDER FORMS Journal of Technical Writing & Communication
  ARTICLE An American Technical Writing Teacher at University of Paris - by Dr. Estrin
  IEEE ARTICLE Effective Oral Representation of Scientific and Technical Information - by Dr.Estrin & Edward Mohanan
    Engineering Alumni Speak-Out about Speech - Dr. Estrin
  PERIODICALS The ABCA Bulletin ( Vol.XLIV, Nov.2,June 1981)
    Orbit ,The Alumnus ( Nov.2,1979)
  SEMINAR REPORT Effective Writing Workshop - Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. ( Sept. 1989)
  PERIODICALS Teaching English in two-year College ( Vol. 2, Nov. 1,1975)
    Student Organization Source-Book 1997-1998
  JOURNAL Journal of Technical Writing & Communication ( Vo.24, Nov.2 - 1994)
  BOOK Teaching for Lifelong Learning ( 85th Annual Convention ) , National Council of Teachers of English
    San Diego, California, Nov.16-21 , 1975
    A style book of NJIT Student Publications and Radio - May 28 , 1978
    Fundamentals of Journalism - by Spencer Crump
  NCE PERIODICAL et Cetra , Vol.1, Spring 1990
  BOOK How to Write effective business letters - by J. C. Aspley
  PERIODICALS College English ( Vol. 19, Nov. 2,1957)
  ARTICLE Reading and Dialect Differences - by Walt Wolform, Lance Potter, M. Yanfosky
  BOOK The Teaching of Technical Writing - by Cunningham & Estrin
    The Education Digest ( May 1983 )
    Whispers & Quiet Thoughts - by Harry T. Roman
  ARTICLE 25th Anniversary Celebration - Dr. Estrin
15 Folders Alpha Epsilon Lamda
    ASEE 1998
    Article on American languages in the 1970s
    Writing and Publishing in Scientific / Technical Journals
    1996 ASEE
    50 Years of Teaching
    1995, Board of Trustees Award
    Hall of Fame - Articles on HAE
    Professional / Managerial Growth through Communication
    Speech and the Female
    Teaching the Principles and Methods of Technical & Professional writing
    Photocopies of Articles for Upward bound Students
    Technical writing for students at risk
    Articles on Vector's 70th birthday
16 Folders GSA 1998 - Dr. Estrin
    GSA 1997
    NJ Society for Professional Engineers ( Articles, Courses of Study, Clippings)
    Description of Presentations ( Articles, Clippings, Cutting of News Paper)
    Estrin Scholarship 1996
    Estrin Scholarship 1995-96 , 1997-98
    1989 Authors Award
    Language ( Articles, Clippings, Photographs)
  PHOTOCOPIES From book : How to write & Publish Scientific Paper ( Chap. 9 & Chap. 18)
17 SPEECH HANDOUTS Body Language
  FOLDER CMA-1997 ( College Media Advisors Inc.)
    Seven Sins of College Teaching
    Western Electric Fund Award ( 1971 )
    Nomination for the Eugene Best Award with other Professional Vitae ( Early 70s)
  Scrapbook Nomination for the Eugene Best Award
  JOURNALS Technical Writing and Communication
    Journals of Business Communication
    Direction in Tech. Writing and Communication with Articles by HAE
  ARTICLE "Courses, Components and Exercises in Technical Communication"
18 FILE 1954 - HAE Doctorate
  Scrapbook 1958 (Articles, Clippings)
  Scrapbook 1959
  Scrapbook 1960-61 with some 63-65 material
  Scrapbook Literary Hall of Fame ( Late 1980s - Early 1990's)
19 Magazine Collegiate Journalist ( Vol.28 no.2 Fall 1991)
  Envelopes New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame : The Alumni Association
  Magazine The NJIT Student Survival Guide Sphere ( NJIT ) Spring 1999
  FILE Miscellaneous Articles, Publications, Clippings
  FOLDER On the Teaching of English
    In-house Seminars
    NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)
    Retirees in Business & Industry
    Dental Seminar : Nonverbal Communication
  FILE New Jersey Place Names (Articles), Teaching Material : Anclent Athens
  FOLDER Style, Power & Results in Technical Writing
  BOOK Effective Written Communication for Professionals
  HANDBOOK School of Civil Engg. & Services, Air Force Institute of Tech., Ohio
  FOLDER Professional Land Surveyors
    The Schoor DePALMA & CAGER Group Inc.
  FILE NJSPLS Workshop, Topic: Effective Oral presentation of Scientific/Technical Information
20 CERTIFICATES "The Brothers College Alumni Association Achievement Award ( May 18, 1957)"
    "The National Council of College Publications Advisers ( Oct.23,1965)"
    "The President of USA for appointment as a reserve commissioned officers' reserve corps in the army of
    United States in the grade of Captain"
    "NJ College Press Association ( 1953-58) for loyal service & promotion of higher standards of collegiate
    "ALPHA PHI OMEGA in appreciation of his 30 years of Involvement in ALPHA PHI OMEGA"
    "PHI DELTA KAPPA , Columbia Uni., for 35 years of dedicated service to education"
    "College Media Services - Distinguished Service Awards"
  BOOKS Some Handwritten books gifted from students
21 BOOKS Getting Published :The educator's Resource books - by Joel Levin
    Communication Skills for business and Professions - by Timm & Stead
    Business Communication - by Dumont & Lannon
    Vocabulary for Achievement - by Houghton Mifflin
    The Interpersonal Communication Book ( fifth edition ) - by Joseph Devito
    Practical Technical Writing - by Jay R. Gould
    Peterson's Success with Words - Joan Carris
    Effective Writing for Executives - Edward Asner
    Resource for Writing Consultants - by Dixie Hickman
    How to design & deliver speech - by Leon Fletcher
    Write to the Point - Rosemary Fruehling
    Proposal Writing - by William S. Pfeiffer
    Between you and me - by Robert Hopper
    Through Engineering Eyes - Allan R. Cullimore
    Presentation for Engineers and Industrialists - by Carl F. Braun
    Writing with Power - by Peter Elbow
    A manual for writers - by Kate L. Turabian
    Words into type ( Third Edition)
    The Art of Communication - by Beart Decker
    Excellence in College Journalism - by Wayne Overback
22 Folders Port Authority ( Photographs,Articles,Clippings)
    Body Language ( Articles,Clippings,Photographs)
    Nonverbal Communication (Articles,Photographs,Clippings)
    Power of Non-Verbal Communication ( Newspaper Articles,Photographs,Clippings)
    Dress for Success Nonverbal Communication ( Articles,Clippings)
    Body Language 1984 ( Articles,Clippings)
    Speech (Articles,Clippings)
    Body Language (Photographs from Magazines,Clippings,Articles)
    Effective Verbal and Non-verbal Communication for Managers, Supervisors and Corporation Executives
    Plastic pipes and The Power / Magic of Verbal & Non-verbal Communication
    ( Articles : A Dozen suggestion for Improving the effectiveness of writing in Business & Industry)
    Cuttings from Newspapers
    Art of the Resume ( Oct. 2,9,16, 1979)
    ( Reports of Social Competence program , Packaging yourself via the Resume Fall 1979 & 1978,
    Report : The Interview : Helpful suggestions and techniques , Articles, Clippings, Photographs)
23 SCIENCE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN Climb Aboard the big four ( Hand written & painted book)
    Trains : Steam and Diesel Locomotive in Action : by Alan K. Williams
    Solar Energy :Putting the Sun to Work
    A better way with Garbage : by Richard A. Niec
    Mr. Jaws learns about the Water Pollution
    Look up, Johnny! What do you see? - by Peter Skoflested
    What's beyond the Sky? - Richard Vasilenko
    A Children Book on a Journey to the Moon - by Dr. Herman Estrin
    The Kite that drifted away - by Joseph Reeves
    Welcome to CleANSville - by James Rocco
    The Wonderful Journey of Little John - by Sea Fan
    Do you know a Beaver?
    The Sun & its useful Energy - by Pedro L. Torres
    Don't go near the Water
    All about Frogs - by John Signorello
    How the President is Elected - by Robert Rios
    How Errison moves Mountains
    What kind of bridge is that? - by Joseph F. Spadafino
    What is Civil Engineering? - by Pung H. Wong
    What does Mother do? - by Doris Linkletter
    Help Save Energy - by Allyn Jones
    How can you help save - by Kris Rothenberger
    How would you like to be an Engineer - by Ulrich H. Steinberg
    ( Other Miscellaneous hand written Science books for Children)
24 Folders Thesis Writing '95 ( Articles, Clippings, Book : Guidelines for Writing thesis and Dissertations)
    Thesis Writing '95 (Consist of : Questions you should be prepared to answer in an interview,
    The Interview: Helpful Suggestions and Questions, How to prepare a Job-Winning Resume
    and a letter of Application)
    GSA Folder ( Articles,Clippings, News paper cuttings)
    Techniques of Thesis writing ( Articles, Clippings)
    GSA Interviewing, Thesis writing, Resume Scientific Articles in Magazines, Evaluation form, Visuals
    Thesis Writing ( Materials)
    Effective Communication in Business ( Ninth edition ) - by Wolf,Kuiper
    Box Containing folders ( Consist of : Material on topic - Effective Speaking , Photocopies from the book)
25 Folders Humor in American English ( Articles, Clippings)
    Graffitti ( Pictures from NJIT) - 3 Notebooks
    Memorabilia ( Mostly 1960-1961) - A file with folders
    Thank you's , Authors Award
    Miscellaneous Letters
    " An Anthology of Students' Published Articles on technical writing" (06/79)
    1980 Articles on Language
    Bumper Stickers,Cliches,License,Plates,Foreign Doctor's,Language,Euphemisms for Death
26 Folders The art of conversation ("United states international university")
    Test papers, book reviews, teaching notes,tests, syllabus and miscellaneous letters
    Preliminary material on Mary Clark, Alumni and author citation , book reviews on Mary Clerk, letters,
    nomination for the author citation , Newspaper clippings (1989), book reviews on new jersey, recent book
    published by Drew university
    Letters and Abstracts 1970
    Tests, Teaching notes, Articles
    Letter and article on Hal Bennett
    Sigma Delta Chi : Highlights,Letters,articles,newspapre clippings
    Nonverbal communication : body language , clippings on communication
    Clippings on body language, Communication , Letters, Citations, Articles tests
    Alumni association programs ( notes, clippings, articles on communication , letters, syllabus, library citation,
    speech on oral presentation)
    "Good reference for writers" ( letters, outlines for seminars, Articles on writers better submitting articles,
    writing selling articles, How to write discussions abstract for scientific journals, business writings )
27   Photocopy of page 16/17 from "Yesterday Today in New Jersey" Oct./Nov. 1994
  Folders Contains Letter from NJIT Alumni Association
    1993 Writers Conference
    Authors Award 1994
    Consist of Report Papers on 24th Annual NJ writers conference & 31st Annual Author Awards Luncheon
    March 27,1993
    25th Writers Conference 1994, NJ Authors Awards 1993 ( Articles,Clippings,Forms,Award Ceremony papers)
    1994 Author Awards - Display Tables
    1994 Writers Conference
    Miscellaneous Correspondence - Writers Conference , Authors Luncheon
    ( One Packet of Slides)
    Order form for "New Jersey's Literary History" - Articles
    The Alumni Association of NJIT
    Contains filled forms for Nomination for the Author Citation Alumni Association of NJIT
    1995 NJ Literary Hall of fame ( Contains : Miscellaneous Papers, Invitation Cards for Sixth Annual New Jersey
    Literary hall of fame Awards
    Miscellaneous papers, 1993 Literary hall of fame
28 CERTIFICATES From State of New Jersey Executive Department
    North Plainfield high School Alumni Association - Hall of Fame
    From the State of New Jersey - "THE SENATE"
    From the State of New Jersey - The Senate & General Assembly
    Degree Certificate : Bachelor of Arts - Drew University
    Degree Certificate : Master of Arts -Columbia University
  ARTICLE "THE RECORD" Thursday June26,1980
  PHOTOGRAPHS Photographs Laminated in a frame
    Laminated ( Title : "The Romance of American Place Names"
    Portrait Of Dr. Estrin
29 DOCUMENTS The Army Personal Affairs Program and its relation to Community Agencies
    Methods of Training Interviewers in the Army Personal Affairs Program
  SCRAPBOOKS Articles - 1956-58
    Robert W. Van houten Award, 1970
    NJ Collegiate Press 1963-67
  ARTICLES "An Occupational Survey as a topic in English" 12/48
    Homeroom Article - school Activities 05/50
    Engineering Students Learn About Marriage
    Bibliography for Engg. Students to Prepare technical reports 62-63
  BOOK Higher Education in Engg. & Science - Appraisal with Critical comments - by J. Kubiak
30 Scrapbook 1960-61
    Various Years ( Photographs,Articles,Clippings)
  REPORT Teaching College English to the Scientific & Technical Student (1962)
  BOOKS "The Best Student Poetry in NJ" - 1978,1980,1985,1986,1988,1989,1990
  Folders Poems to be read
    Publicity Concerning Poetry Contests
  AUTOGRAPHS ( Mostly Literary hall of fame related)
31 Folders Honors (Articles of Newspapers,Clippings)
    Dedication Ceremony : NJ Literary hall of fame ( Articles,Clippings)
    Medison Public Library , August 14,1997
    NJSPLS 1997 (Articles,Clippings,Photographs)
    NJ Monthly (Consist of Clippings,Articles)
    NJCPA ( Consist of : Summary of Fifty-one years of Advising, NJIT Student Publications (1946-97),
    Report : Technical writing Workshop , Oct.10 1979
    About New Jersey Press Association
    National Honor Society- NPHS (Articles,Handwritten Material)
    NJ Society of Professional Engineers May12,1998
    ( Consist of Letters from NJ Society of Professional Engineers,Awards & Installation banquet,1998
    Literature : 74th Annual Conference, Book: Technical writing in Corporate World - Dr. Estrin)
    Punctuation ( 40 copies of Punctuation exercise )
    Presentations ( "Grammar group helps executives to write image" The Star ledger 1/31/90,"Speech Writing &
    Presentation Skills Workshop" 24th May , "A Descriptive listing of Presentations and Seminars for Business and
    Industry Club " - Dr. Estrin)
    Reading Science & Maths
    60 years of teaching English
    Teaching Students to write effectively (1/93)
    ( Consist of : Advertisement paperset for "Workshop on Technical writing for students at risk", Teaching
    Material : "Writing Skills" IEEE Paper :"Effective oral presentation of Scientific and technical information" )
    Writers Conference 88-89
    1981 Writers Conference
    Space Language
    Sports : "Who flang the ball"
    TV & American English
    Women's Liberation
    Words: word saving
32 CERTIFICATES From Phi Delta kappa ( Dec.5, 1776) in recognition of high attainments in Liberal Scholarship
    From the Faculty, trustees & President of NJIT for his affiliation with NJIT over nearly half a century
    From the trustees of Columbia University for Completing "Teachers College Professional Diploma"
    Herman A. Estrin - A man of Vision & Dedication with thanks - New Jersey Poetry Contest (10th Anniversary)
    From OMICRON DELTA KAPPA for his years of services to Students
    The New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame elects to membership
    Service Achievement Award - by the National Council of College Publication Advisers
    From American Biographical Institute - Distinguished Leadership Award
    From OMICRON DELTA KAPPA in recognition of his cospiruous attainments and Service in college activities
33 SCRAPBOOKS 26 th Writers Conference (1986 ) -Photographs, Letters
    1985 Writers Conference - Photographs, Letters, Articles
    Labeled "Writers Conference 1985" with materials 1980-85
    Labeled "Interesting Letters - NJ Literary Hall of Fame" but containing materials from 1960-80
34 BOOKS Writing that works : How to write effectively on the job - by Walter E. Oliu
    Face Language - by Robert L. Witeside
    Speak with confidence - by Alber J. Vasile
    Better Writing for professionals - by Carol Gelderman
    Everyday Speech - by Bess Sondel
    Effectively Speaking for the Technical man - by Harry E. Hand
    The Art of Persuasive Talking - by Lynn Surles
    Technical Report writing today - by Riordan Pauley
    Into Print - by William
    Gestures - by Desmond Morris
    Writing and Speaking in Business - by Michael Spitzer
    Speaking is a practical matter - by Bernard P. McCabe, Jr.
    Successful Business Speaking - by David A. Thomas
    Fair thought and Speech - by Carl F. Braun
    Speak with confidence : A practical guide - by Albert J. Vasile
    Power Talk : How to Speak IT, think IT & use IT - by Jeffrey Eisen
    Conversationally Speaking - by Alan garner
    You can write poetry - by Jeff Mock
    The Corporate Manager's guide to better communication - by W. Charles Redding
    Prentice Hall : handbook for writers - by Leggett / Mead / Kramer
    Managerial Communication - by Larry Smetzer
    Communication Training and Consulting in business industry and government - by William Buchholz
    Secret Language of Success - by David Lewis
    How to write & publish a scientific paper - by Robert Day ( 5th edition)
    Writing Research papers - by James Lester
35 Folders Pornography ( Consist of graded papers - 2nos.)
    Symbols & Language ( printed symbols)
    Surnames : Irish (Article from Asbury park press, March 11 1979)
    NJ Place Names - Study Material
    Body English - Article
    Alaska Dictionary - by Rober O. Bowen
    Jump Rope Rhymes - Article
    Legalice - Article
    Exaltation of Larks - Article by James Lipton
    Euphemism - Article
    On the Teaching of American English ( Suggested topics for papers, Student's papers on family debates)
  BOOKS Education & Industry : A Joint Endeavor - by Lawrence Grayson
    ASEE : Engineering focuses on excellence, VOL. IV
    IPCC (IEEE) -A byte into the future
    A style book for NJIT Student Publications & Radio - by Dr. Estrin
    Log NJIT (10/79)
    NCTE - Classroom Practices (1968-69)
    NJ English Leaflet, Winter 1967
    Teaching College English to the scientific and technical student (11/28/63) - 3 nos
    Technical writing & communication (Aug.'75)
  Folders Log NCE 1953-54
    NJIT (1881-1981) - Magazine
    The Alumnus - NJIT (Summer 1979) - Magazine
    Best Student Poetry in NJ (1979,82,83,84,85)
    Student Publications in higher education (5/13/63) - by Dr. Estrin
    The Value of Technical writing - Articles
    Honors - France NJEA - Articles
    WJTB folder ( Photocopy of Chap 9 : from book : How to Prepare for film or TV
    NJ Writers conference
36 BOOKS How to clean the air - by Richard Traver
    Puddle! Puddle! Where did you go? - by Paul J. Repka
    The Jeans book of light & all the color in a rainbow - by Chris Rover
    Escape from the garbage world - by David J. Samuel
    Metal Monsters - by Paul Hartelius
    Let's measure
    What makes the road bumpy? - by Ted Dubay
    Everything you have always wanted to know about water - by James Woods
    What do civil engineers do? - by Ronald Lotrechio
    Eddie Electron - by Robert Arcaro
    Mister tet meets big toe - by Richard Conti
    Where are our beaches going? - by Gary DiPiPPo
  MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS Articles , Clippings , Photographs of different awards, Group Photograph (Upward bound , late 90s)
  FOLDER NJ Literary Hall of Fame
  DOCUMENTS Feedback forms of presentation by Dr. Estrin ( 20 Mar.,1980)
    Brochure of ESSEC - Graduate school of business administration (Paris)
    Article : Nonverbal communication during the employment interview - by Helen Carl
    Teaching material - English 229 - Practical Journalism
    Report : Technical Writing workshop (October 10,1979) - by Dr. Estrin
    The bulletin of Columbia scholastic press advisers association
  BOOK Drew University Commencement 1998
37 Folders Oral Communications Seminar - Articles,Clippings
    Possible presentations
    Documents related to M.S. - Technical writing
    Authors brunch 1997
    Literary Hall of Fame
    Red binder ( Various Papers)
    Grey folder ( Student papers)
    American language in 1990s ( Project )
    The Power of body language - (Clippings of photographs from magazines, Articles)
    French Academy and American english
    Lite English
    Humor in American english - 1991
    American English
    Material related to writing for publication
  BOOK Love, Life & Soulja stories - by Chrisopher Morton
  OTHERS NJCTE - English Journals - Spring '98
    Envelope received from Mr. Harry Roman ( Copies of Newsletter - some prose for Dr. Estrin to ponder)
38 Folders New Jersey Literary Past & Present : ( NJ's literary hall of fame speak out on writing and reading)
    Literary Hall of fame ( Documents related to above awards )
    Literary Map ( List of Authors , Articles, Clippings, Order forms for NJ literary history)
    Blue folder ( Clippings from Newspapers, Invitation leaflet for "Inaugural dinner of the NJ literary hall of fame"
    Literary hall of fame 1989 ( Photographs, Clippings, Articles)
    Applications for NJ literary hall of fame award, articles
    12th Annual Writers Conference
39 Folders Beautiful & Ugly words - Teaching material
    British and American English - Literature on difference between both languages
    Bumper, Stickers, Licenses ( Articles, Literature, Clippings)
    Bunkerisms - Article
    Censorship - Articles,Clippings of articles from newspapers, magazines, photographs,bibliography
    Children and Language - article by Dan I. Slobin
    Color in Language - Articles, Literature, Photographs
    Engineer's Language
    French English ( Articles, Clippings, Photographs)
    Graffiti ( Articles,Clippings, Magazine : Sphere Vol.1, Nov.2 Spring 1974)
    New words in American English ( Articles, Clippings, Literature, Photographs)
    Humor in American English
    Mickey Mouse
    "Murder, mayhem and Mother tongue"
    personal names
    Plant names
    Police Language
    Politics and Language
    Poker Language
    Parachute language
40 Folders ASEE : 95th Conference , 1987 - Reports, Letters , Documents
    Business Communication - Reports on workshop, articles,letters, documents, handbook
    Questionnaire on report writing
    Humor in American English ( Articles, Clippings, Photographs)
    Take my word (Articles,Clippings)
    Foul languages, black hustling
    Sniglets ( Clippings from Newspapers, magazines, articles, clippings)
    Dialects ( Articles, Study material)
    You are what you speak - ( Articles, Clippings from newspapers, Photographs )
  Magazine Psychology today - Feb. 1987
  FILES Consist of report of the committee on college english for the scientific and technical student (1963, 1962)
41 BOOKS Technical writings for readers and writers - by Brenda R Sims
    How to write and Publish scientific paper (3rd edition) - by Rober A. Day
    Writing Professional Reports : Guide for Students - by Russel Rutter
    Teaching technical writing in the secondary school - by Bertie E. Fearing
    Humanistic aspects of technical communication - by Paul Dombrowski
    How to write and publish english papers and reports - by Herbert B. Michealson
    Courses, Components and Exercises in technical communication - by Dight W. Stevenson
    How to write books and articles - by hull
    Introduction to technical writing - by Lois Johnson
    Technical writing (Second edition) - by Michael markel
    Technically write! Communicating in a technological era - by Ron S. Blicq
    Technical writing - by Gordon H. Mills
    Communicating technical information - by Donald Pattow
    Making money in technical writing - by Peter kent
    Effective writing for engineer, managers and scientists (second edition) - by H. J. Ticky
    The professional writer - by Geral Alred
    Handbook of technical writing - by Charles T. Brusaw
    Errors in english - by Harry Shaw
    Public Speaking - by George Fluharty
    Speech can change your life - by Dorothy Sarnoff
    Writing technical reports - by Bruce Cooper
    A first course in technical writing - by J. Mitechell
    Writing a technical paper - by Donald H. menzel
    Powerful business writing - by Tom Mckeown
42 Folders Literary forms and contents of the bible fourth assignment
    NCCPA ( Consist of article - How to conduct a newspaper contest )
    Manuscript "The Self-evaluation of an instructor of english" - by Dr. Estrin
    How to conduct judging contest for newspapers magazine "Review"
    Progress report "Mental, Emotional, Social development of children from six to twelve"
    College Orientation (Article : College Orientation via freshman camp")
    "The Deputy" consists of Articles, Clippings
    Folder containing ETS letters
    Epidemic hits - article
    Article " Engineering students can write better reports"
    Article on "Fraternalism"
    Annual staff meeting , division of oral surgery fallsview , May 1-3 , 1964
    Compositions from plainfield high school NJ
    Article " Teaching english to engineering and science students"
    Consist of article " A survey of teaching English"
    Consist of documents related " National council if teachers of english"
    Consist of Reports on Seminar
  JOURNALS / MAGAZINES Library Journal , Vol. 74, May 15, 1949 , Nov.10
    LOG NCE (1954-55,1955-56, 1956-57)
    REVIEW : National Council of college publications advisors" Vol.3, Nov 2 1960
    "GRADE TEACHER" April 1957
  REPORTS Mostly on Freshman students, their extra-curricular activities etc., "Role of a college newspaper in the field
    of community relations"
43 Folders Helpful techniques ( Articles, Magazine " The Scholl press review " February 1961
    Journal " College composition and communication" Vol.XII no.4 , December 1961
    NCCPA convention (letters, documents)
    Consist of article " Industry speaks out to the instructors of english"
    Consist of ED Kondrachi's speech
    Copies " A selected annotated bibliography of extracurricular activities for engineering students and faculty"
    Letters to Samler
    Judges speak out to collegiate magazine editors
    Methods of grading college freshman's themes
    Measuring the quality of teaching - Articles
    Metropolitan Opera (Letters, documents)
    New Jersey Teachers Award
    naspa spelling test
    Magazine : School activities March 1959
    Consist of college weekly "The technician" Vol. XXXIII no.9 , May 2 1958
    Consist of journal "The personnel and guidance"
    Consist of article " The position of english"
    Contains copies of Professional vita of Dr. Estrin
    Contains reference material on engineering career
    Copies of article " The role of faculty advisor in collegiate publications" - by Dr. Estrin
    Contains copies of English leaflet
    Articles " students view of the role of the newspaper advisor"
    Speech , Teaching material of Speech 114 - Principles of speech
    Article " A students view of the role of yearbook advisor"
    School activities April 1959
    Contains a note for high school guidance counselors
    Articles " Trends, Idea and content in college yearbook"
    Contains article " What literature means to college freshman"
    Contains ABWA bulletin, April 1968
    Activities (NCE)
44 BOOKS Teaching language, composition and literature - by Mary Elizabeth
    Tools of the writer's trade - by Harper Collins
    Reader's digest : Success with words
    You don't say! - by Tom Parks
    Word play - by Joseph Shipley
    The word game book - by William and Marry morris
    The silent language - by Edward Hall
    Word game in English - by Dwight Spenser
    The Must words - by Craig and Peter Norback
    6000 words : A supplement to websters third new international directory
    Messages and Myths : by Millar and Millar
    The language of a man - by McDougal Littell
    How words change our lives - by McDougal Littell
    Dictionary of word origins - by Joseph T. shipley
    How to increase your word power : reader's digest
    Censorship - the leaflet
    Language on Vacation - by Dmitri A. Borgmann
45 Folders On writing ( Various letters , writings of HAE)
    The American Language in 1980s
    Teaching technical writing ( teaching material)
    Teaching the principles and methods of technical and professional writing (reports,notes etc)
    Teaching in-house : technical communication courses
  Scrapbook for 1954 with various materials
46 BOOKS Languages in America - by Neil Postman
    What's in a word? - by Mario pei
    The Story of Language -by Mario Pei
    American Talk - by J. L. Dillard
    Mcluhan : Hot and Cool - by Marshall Mcluhan
    Words of Science and the history behind them
    Understanding Media - by Marshall Mcluhan
    Teaching language and literature - by Walter Loban
    The directory and usage - by Andrew Mcleish
    Dictionaries and that dictionary - by James Sledd
    The Study of language
    Challenge and change in the teaching of the english - by Arthur Daigon
    Growth and Structure of the english language - by Otto Jespersen
    College English : The first year
    The Improvement of reading - by Strang McCoullough
    Teaching English today - by GUTH
    The teaching of english - by Randolph Quirk
    Technical editing - by Well
    College Teaching - by Justman and Mais
    Social and Cultural foundations of guidance - by Esther M. Lloyd
    Effective writing -for managers, engineers and scientists
    Learning our language - by Thoma F. Dunn
    A student personnel program for higher education - by Lloyd, Jones and Smith
    The english teacher - by Joseph Mersand
    Improving English Instruction - by Royal J. Morsey
    Diction and Style in waiting - by Richard Altick
    Teaching Freshman Composition - by Tate and Corbett
47 Folders Major accomplishment ( summary of awards during 50 years of NJIT)
    United States Air-force academy (documents, letters)
    NJIT Alumni ( Letters,magazines)
    Black english (Articles,Clippings)
    Articles on Dr. Estrin , Magazine : Alumin voice
    ATTW - 1998 & ATTW - fellows
    Body Language ( Articles, Clippings, Graded exam papers)
    Creative teaching (Articles from journals)
    50th Anniversary (Letters,Clippings)
    Articles (In-house) - Speech , In-service , Communication skills
    NJCPA ( Letters, Correspondences)
    Proposed NJ collegiate press assn. ( Letters, Magazines , 1996 membership directory , articles)
    "Origins of Nj place names" writer's program (Issued by : NJ public library commission)
    Fraternity 50 th Anniversary (Letters)
    Drew university honorary doctorate May23,1998 ( Letters,forms, attachment related to awards)
    "What's up Doc?" ( Articles, Clippings)
    ASEE fellow nomination ( Letters, Nomination form , Papers)
    Contains various articles
    Speech ( Articles, Teaching Material )
    Upward bound - 1995 ( teaching material )
    Upward bound ( Magazines, Articles)
    Literary hall of fame housing ( Letters, Photographs , Articles)
    Literary hall of fame ( 2 folders)
    1988-90 , Authors of NJ
    Authors awards 1983-84
    The teaching of technical writing : Fascinating , fulfilling and rewarding
    Technical writing as a profession
    Teachers college 1988 ( Letters, Photographs, Clippings, Articles)
48 Folders Student Publications
    201 file ( Articles, Clippings)
    Poetry contest ( Documents, letters)
    Hall of fame
    Use of classics in scientific literature ( articles, clippings)
    Teacher evaluation
    CEA ( April 6-8 , 1989)
    Awards , Hall of fame
    Walking tour of Paris
    Place names ( documents related to topic)
    Pasqua's writing conference ( Documents, Letters, Clippings)
    Take our word ( Articles, Clippings)
49 SCRPABOOK 1960-63
  DOCUMENTS Parents night '61 with letters from same
    Evaluation from columbia
    Professional Vitae through 1960
    Orbit ( Jan 1968, 1978)
    10/57 Article in banta's greek exchange
    2/60 NCCPA review with HAE article
    folder 1960s 1970s ( Articles and newspaper articles)
    "The Technician" ( Newspaper)
    Folder : How to write for Scientific journals
    English 10 "St. Joan" test
    Thesis writing - note
    Proposed field trips - note
    harold marsen letter
    "Vector" 5/13/81
    Aritcles on HAE
    Programs sponsored by NJ Assc. Teachers of english
    Fall 1965, NJ English leaflet
    2/66 - Journals of engineering education
    1958-59 - bibliography for engineering - students to prepare technical reports
    HAE - publications through 1960
    HAE " Engineering Alumni view their social-humanistic training at NCE"
    Article " Measuring the quality of teaching english"
    Article " The position of teaching english in a scientific and technical age" (1958)
    Article " writing and speaking for business and industry" (1955)
    "An extra curricular program for engineers in "Journal of higher education"
    How do you grade a composition in " College composition and communication " (12/61)
    NJ english leaflet "Freshman english in colleges and universities in NJ"
    "Ideals of American democracy" in grade teacher ( March 1949)
    School press review "Rights and responsibilities of college press" (December '65)
  FOLDER Civil engineering report writing
    1986-1987 author awards nominations
    Humor in American english
    Writings for publication
50 FILM 16 mm - Subject Unknown
  NOTES Speech notes for North Plainfield high school
  PLAY BILL The School for scandal , March 3-4,1932 featuring Herman Estrin as Snake
  ARTICLE Engineering Alumni describe their teachers
  ARTICLE Morris Custom Tailor , Part I & II
  CERTIFICATE High school diploma - June 1983
  PHOTOGRAPHS Members of senior class , North Plainfield high school - 1933
  AWARD Sterling Olmsted Award to Herman Estrin ( 29th June, 1994 )
  LETTER From Governor (Brendan Byrne) to H. Estrin regarding retirement ( May 31, 1981 )
  BOOK Through engineering eyes - by Allan R. Cullimore