Preliminary Finding Aid to the Herman Estrin Papers

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Box Num Format / Type Description
1 Envelope Poems
  Miscellaneous papers Promotional material
2 Scrapbook Labeled "NJEA Award" (1987)
  Scrapbook Labeled "CULLIMORE Award" (1987)
  Scrapbook 1987-1988
3 Folders ( Section A - H )
  Magazine Vocational guidance (quarterly Vol.7 # 4)
  Alumni listings  
  Teaching material  
  Grammar sheets  
  Secondary education writings  
  Miscellaneous Letters, newspaper articles, questionnaire, unopened letter, book reviews, commencement exercise
4 ( Science books for children)  
  Books Beneath the sea
  ( Not Written by Estrin ) Energy from the sun
    All about engineers
    Where's dad?
    Hey! the TV plays!
    So you want to be a surveyor?
    Trees : from the forest to you
    Shaping the world : the work of the civil engineer
    Why big fish eat small fish?
    What was the Morris canal?
    Here comes the band
    All about mosquitoes
    The engineering tree
    Can a girl become an architect?
    What is civil engineering?
    All about the moon
    Why do we wear glasses?
    How to play better team basketball
  Folder Articles on technical writing, newspaper articles, memos, letters, magazine, photographs
5 Folder 1957 Drew award
  Scrapbook Juvenile delinquency (Columbia University)
  NCE notebook ( Publications 1950's)
  Book Air conditioning heating & ventilating
  Article 1962-1963
  NCE 1948-1950
  Notebook 1960's - 1970's
6 Notebook National utility contractors association conference
  Note 1979 annual New Jersey authors luncheon sponsored by NJIT with each page a written tribute
  Scrapbook ( 1992 ) Photographs
    Letters to friends
    GSA announcements
  Scrapbook (1986) Certificates
7 Politics Articles
  Magazine Science & Children ( May 1976 ) Vol.:13 , Nov. 8
  Certificates For outstanding support & services to upward bound program
  Articles Engineering students write books for children
  Scrapbook References to myths
    Names, words, expressions
  Handbook For chemical engineering for reporting information - by Dr. H. A. Estrin
  Book Changing words in a changing world (Arizona State University)
  Reprint series Language & logistics
  Book American place names - by George R. Stewert
  Articles Name of the game
  Book Preparing for your interview - by Diane Berk
  Magazine IEEE transactions on professional telecommunication ( June 1978 Vol. PC-21 Nov.2)
  Book reviews  
  Floppy disk  
  Folder American place names
8 Old books Discovering American dialects - Roger W. Shuy
    Golden boy as Anthony Cool - Herberty Kohl
    The adventure of language - Michael Girsdansky
    Word origins & their romantic stories - Wilfred Funk
    The language and thought of the child - Jean Piaget
    Dictionary of linguistics - Mario Pei & Frank Gaynor
    A glossary of grammar linguistics - Andrew MacLeish
    Linguistics : the study language - Charles C. Fries
    Word play - what happens when people talk - Peter Farb
    Dialects of American English - Raven I. McDavid ( 2 copies )
    Our own words - Mary Helen Dohan
    The story of language - Mario Pei ( 3 Copies )
    Reading on semantics - Norman C. Stageberg
    The American English - H. L. Mencken
    A Pelican original linguistics - David Crystal
    The labyrinth of language - Max Black
    English for a new generation - Hans P. Guth
    The play of languages - Leonard F. Dean
    An auto-instructional text in correct writing - Butler Hickman Overby
    Black english - J. L. Dillard
    The use & misuse of language - S. I. Hayakawa
    Word origins - Cecil Hunt
    Soulonice - by Eldridge
    A word in your ear - by Ivor Brown
    Words on words - by W. Bruce
    I give you my words - Ivory brown
    Language for everybody - by Mario Pei
    Linguistics and your language - by Robert Hall
    The Miracle for language - by Chertron
    Language of composition - by Robert Morsberger
9 Certificates Doctor of education ( Columbia University)
    The New Jersey Association of Teachers of English
  Honors Strathmore's WHO's WHO awards