Robert W. Van Houten Library

Group Study Rooms Policy

  • Group study rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They may not be booked ahead of time.
  • Group study rooms are for groups of two or more NJIT students, faculty, or staff.
  • We require at least two of the students to leave NJIT ID cards in exchange for the room key.
  • Group study rooms are for use for a three-hour maximum period.
  • If at any time we observe that you do not have at least two people in your group study room, you will be asked to vacate the room.
  • If an assigned room is discovered unoccupied by the group, all belongings will be confiscated and placed in the library's lost and found bin and the room will be made available to other patrons.
  • Never leave the premises with keys to group study rooms.
  • Once you have a room key in your possession, you have five minutes to occupy the room or risk losing your vacancy.
  • If your three hour time period has expired, then you or any member of your group must wait at least one hour to sign in for another room.
  • If room is not vacated and key returned at the end of three hours you will be charged a $5.00 fine.
  • Exchanging ID's does not entitle you to extra time in the room. If more time is needed, you must come to the desk and ask.
  • Your group is responsible for any unreported damages found after you leave the study room. Please advise us of any condition in the room which require attention at the time of your occupancy. And unresolved disputes will be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office for resolution.
  • You will be requested to leave the library if you are found with food or beverages in the study rooms.
  • To respect our users' privacy, the library will not tell users what group study room their friends, roommates, classmates, and so forth are using.