Selections from the Weston Library

Edward Weston assembled a small library of mostly technical books during his life. The Robert W. Van Houten Library is fortunate to house this collection of books in the Weston Rare Book Room. We intend to make some of the titles from Edward Weston's personal library available on the web. Please check back periodically to see what we have added.

Author Title Year
Dewey, Melvil Classification and Subject Index for Cataloguing and Arranging the Books and Pamphlets of a Library. ([Adobe PDF Icon] PDF 44 pages ~ 3,878KB) 1876

Weston, Edward

Laboratory Notes No. 2, Edward Weston, Newark NJ ([Adobe PDF Icon] PDF 7 pages ~ 6,102 KB) 1879
Weston Electrical Instrument Company Measuring Invisibles ([Adobe PDF Icon] PDF 53 pages ~ 19, 544 KB) 1938