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'Writing, Speaking, Thinking' Resources

Writing, Research & Communication @ NJIT:  a companion to the First Year Composition Courses.  njitwrc.pbworks.com.  Site contains Reference Materials for writers and instructors.

Writer's Web Shelf       dictionary, thesaurus, and grammar sites for quick reference

Writing & Research Guides        links to research, writing, presentation guides and handouts for students and instructors, and more . . .

For Instructors      resources for new and seasoned writing instructors

Resources for History and Political Science  (pdf)

ENG 352 - Wikipedia Project

Web Evaluation

Assignment -- Web Page Critique

Green Searching Tips - How to find good information on green topics using the web

Examples of Web Page Critique

Wikipedia Help

'Wikipedia for ENG352'   Librarian shows how to get started, and provides useful tips on choosing a topic for the Wikipedia assignment. (Youtube videos)

Examples of Student Work


Wikipedia Rubric  Criteria for evaluation of the Wikipedia assignment