Alumni @ NJIT: Access to Online Databases

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While licensing restrictions do not allow alumni off-campus access to subscribed databases that are available to current students and faculty; alumni may access to some online resources that they used as students.

What online databases do I have access?

JSTOR Alumni Portal offers a trusted digital archive of over 1,300 plus academic journals from their first issue to a “moving wall” of a few years ago. PDFs are full-text searchable, or you can browse by journal title or discipline. NJIT alumni may now access JSTOR content that has been licensed by the Van Houten Library thanks to NJIT’s participation in JSTOR’s Alumni Access Pilot program. Special login is required which in not the same as traditional login through the Van Houten Library.

How does it work?

Step 1: NJIT alumni need to authenticate using their NJIT ID to create a MyJSTOR account. You if you do not have an NJIT ID, view E-mail Account for Life for further information

Step 2: Access JSTOR Alumni Portal to complete the registration process for a MyJSTOR account. Note: you will only need to register once

Step 3: For subsequent access (from any location with internet), you may go directly to JSTOR and select "Login" and then enter your MyJSTOR username and password

ETD Portal (electronic theses and dissertations): Archives and Special Collections has copies of all alumni theses and dissertations. More than 1,500 theses and dissertation are currently available online via the ETD portal.

How does it work?

Option 1: ETD Portal, browse by advisor, author, major, title and year for the manuscript. Request a scan if the one you want is not readily available online

Option 2: Online Catalog, search the library catalog by selecting "theses and dissertations" in the limit to field in basic search and putting in a keyword (author and title word)

What if I need help?

You are not on your own. You can draw on expert librarian assistance to help you navigate the selected databases. Technical reference librarians can talk to you via Ask an NJIT Librarian, e-mail, instance messaging, phone or visit the library service to get you started using the alumni databases.