Information Literacy

Information literacy is the ability to know when information is needed, to locate it efficiently regardless of its location, format or medium, to evaluate its relevance, authoritativeness, and validity, to use it to build new knowledge, and to communicate that knowledge.

At NJIT, we are working diligently on integrating information literacy into the curriculum and measuring our work by continually focusing on information literacy assessment.

  • Overview  - accreditation & discipline-specific standards
  • Instruction - find a workshop, request a session, teaching & learning resources
  • Assessment - @NJIT, writing porfolios, ETS ICT collaboration
  • Contacts - campus contacts for information literacy

NJIT Institute Information Literacy Plan

The goal of the Institute Information Literacy Plan (approved by the Committee on Academic Affairs on May 20, 2009) is to ensure that NJIT undergraduate students graduate with adequate and competitive information literacy skills. This plan is intended to meet and/or exceed the Middle States Commission on Higher Education information literacy skills accreditation requirements and the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education academic licensure rules.