How can I find an article?

If you are searching for an known journal article the steps are different than if you are researching to find an article on a given topic.

For a known journal article:

  1. Go to the library home page
  2. Click on Articles via Journals in the left hand menu
  3. In the box, type in the title of the journal (name of magazine or newspaper) NOT the article title and submit
  4. Results will show the dates of the issues that NJIT has access to and  and a link to get there.
    Note: Links that begin with NJIT Print will open the library catalog – at this point, look to see if the journal isn’t available in another location with a database link.
  5. Click on the link and then browse or search to find your article. Each source is different, please ask an NJIT Librarian if you need help.

For an unknown journal article – researching:

You will search through an article database by keyword or subject to find relevant articles

  1.  Go to the library home page
  2.  Click on Articles via Databases in the left hand menu
  3. You might wish to ask a faculty member or a librarian which database(s) would be appropriate for your research.
    1. You can select Databases by Subject: Select a subject area to see recommended databases.
    2. OR you can select Databases by A-Z:
      For a good starting place, try the multidisciplinary database, Academic Search Premier.
  4. Each database is different. Look for a search box to enter keywords, click search.  Test it out; learn how to use it. Consults our database tutorials, view Searchpath (module 4), or ask an NJIT Librarian for help.