How can I find a book?


Go to

Click on the online catalog link in the yellow left menu.

Enter search terms such as words in title, keywords or author.
Click on the title to see the full record
Important things to check are:
  • the status (available/borrowed/missing)
  • location  (STACKS/ Arch Library, etc)  
  • the library/call number. -  books are organized by Library of Congress call number



Ebooks are also in the library catalog. If you find an electronic book,  you will see a link in place of a call number.

To search specifically for ebooks, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ebooks under Find books in the left hand menu.

Select an ebook database that best fits your information need. We recommend EBL in most cases. Safari is useful for computer/tech manuals (see below).

EBL (e-Books Library)

EBL Covers the widest variety of resources. Use the search box on the upper right hand side to search. That box defaults to title, if you are not searching for a specific book, you might want to change the search to a keyword (anyword) search.

Borrowing a book means you download a pdf with an expiration date.

As you search this database, you will encounter ebooks that are not available.  You can browse an unavailable book for 5 minutes. If you need to use that book, you may submit a request for a librarian’s approval.

Safari e-Books Online 
Safari is an e-reference library for programmers and IT professionals. These books are available online only (no downloads).  Only two people can be using this database concurrently. If you need a book on a certain topic that seems underrepresented, please contact Davida  -