Off-Campus & Wireless Access Options

Off-Campus Access

Due to licensing restrictions, off-campus (remote) access to some of the library's electronic resources is limited to current students, faculty and staff of NJIT. These restrictions prohibit us from offering off-campus access to guest borrowers, including alumni.

Authentication is required for connecting to the NJIT network. If you do not have a University Computing identification (UCID), create one now.

Authentication Options:

  1. EZProxy (recommended)
    It is the easiest and most reliable authentication method. UCID is required and status as current NJIT student, faculty and staff member.
  2. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    VPN is a client software you install on your PC. It allows you to use your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the NJIT Network from off-campus to access information that is normally restricted to campus use only.
  3. Mobile Devices (iPhone/iPad) VPN
    Follow these instructions to configure and use VPN on iOS based devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Off-Campus Access for Alumni

Once students graduated from NJIT they can no longer access NJIT's network resources. Alumni are able to retain their email account for life, and have limited access to library's electronic resources from off-campus.

Wireless Access

NJIT provides wireless access to the NJIT network and internet from many locations around campus, including the Van Houten Library. Current students, faculty and staff with a valid UCID may use the wireless network upon authentication.

If you need further assistance, you may call the Technology Support Center at 973-596-2900 or go to the NJIT helpdesk.