Weston Rare Book Room Policy

The Weston Rare Book Room is home to:

  • The Edward Weston Papers, a semi-processed collection of 70+ archival boxes of Edward Weston’s papers and documents, and two print/plan files of Edward Weston’s drawings
  • The Dr. Herman Estrin Papers, an unprocessed collection of 50+ bankers’ boxes of papers, photographs, and memorabilia
  • 100+ rare books belonging to Edward Weston, Lillian Gilbreth, et. al.
  • NJIT yearbooks, course catalogs, and other publications

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Access to these materials is by appointment only
Mon to Fri, 9:00am to 4:00pm
Van Houten Library Hours

For an appointment, please contact:
The Archives Team

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Usage policy for the rare book reading room and rare book room materials

In an effort to better secure the rare and unique collections found in the Weston Rare Book Room, the Van Houten Library has designated administrative meeting room 1026 to be used as a Rare Book Reading Room (the reading room). The following policy outlines the conditions upon which the reading room may be used for researching the holdings contained in the Rare Book Room.

  • Room 1026 should be used as an administrative meeting room primarily, as a reading room secondarily, and for special cases (such as a wheel chair accessible study room if the elevator is out of service) as a last resort.
  • Users of the Rare Book Room need to make an appointment to use Rare Book Room materials. This enables the archivist to make sure that someone (either the archivist or one of the managers) can assist a user upon arrival. This also enables the archivist or one of the managers to schedule the user at a time that the reading room is available, and to reserve the reading room.
  • The archivist or one of the managers will assist the user in finding the materials that they need and deliver the materials to the reading room. Rare Book Room materials are not to be used in any location other than the Rare Book Room or the reading room. Because many of the Rare Book Room materials are brittle photocopying is not permitted without consulting with the archivist or one of the managers.
  • The user will be required to exchange a photo ID for the key to the reading room, and will be instructed to lock the door should they need to leave the room unattended.
  • When the user finishes consulting the archival materials they will need to return the reading room key to the circulation staff in exchange for their ID. At this time the circulation staff should inform the archivist that the user has concluded their visit. One of the managers should be informed if the archivist is unavailable.

The archivist will return the items to their proper location within the Rare Book Room. In the event that the archivist is unable to return the material to the Rare Book Room one of the managers should return the materials to a designated sorting area in the Rare Book Room. The archivist will place items in their proper place once available.

Approved: April 4, 2003 Librarians Team Meeting