Exhibits, Displays, Posters, Flyers, and Announcements

  1. The Robert W. Van Houten Library may exhibit materials (books, posters, flyers, articles, magazines, videotapes, CD-ROMs, artifacts, etc.) to highlight campus events, NJIT departments, faculty and their publications, library events, articles relating to NJIT, historical information, literary information, art and architecture, current events, etc.
  2. All material posted or left for distribution in the library must be approved, initialed, and dated by a library administrator. The Communication team will monitor posted materials and remove any outdated materials. Postings that are not approved will be removed.
  3. Materials of objectionable taste will not be approved (i.e. sexist, racist, crude, libelous, etc.) Posters and flyers not written in English must contain an English translation. Under no circumstances will material not advertising an event or service be allowed (i.e. someone’s personal views, thoughts, etc.)
  4. Only library announcements, signs, flyers, etc. are permitted on the front doors of the library. No other flyers, posters, bulletins or publicity of any kind will be permitted on the library front doors.
  5. "Classified Ads" for services or items for sale may not be posted in the library. Classified Ads that are placed in the library will be removed. Anyone who wants to post an advertisement should check at the Information Desk at the Hazell Center.